Daler Camping

(UK) Future:

We have a permit to place two "gypsy wagons", each 10 m2.
Unfortunately, we don't have the money for investment right know, we hope in the near future the possibility to stay in a gypsy wagon on Daler camping.

A different and tough overnight stay at  Daler campsite?

Can you soon sleep in a sea container?

We have made windows in a sea container. The walls insulated with stone-
wool and covered with pallet wood. The ceiling is blue from a large tarpaulin. Dressed with curtains, a fixed table, paintings and you can use power to charge your mobile phone. 
Poul Pava v. Lausen (born February 10, 1967) in Ribe is a Danish artist and craftsman. Poul Pava paints in a naive and spontaneous style with motifs of the human form. The images are often "childish" in their expression. Poul lives in Bornholm. "Hele verden mangler blomster" is the name of this purple painting + there are 3 placemats on the wall.
For the shower and the toilet you can use the facilities of the campsite. Mid-2018 it is possible to stay overnight here.