Daler Camping

(UK) Price list:

It is not possible to pay with MobilePay, thats only for Danish customers. We do like cash. Preferably in Danish kroner but as a service to you we also take Euro's. When paying with euro's, please pay attention to the rate we have calculated and / or possible extra costs.
Price per person per night:                                              
Adults:                        75 dkk                                                             
Child 0-2 years:           FREE                                                              
Child under 15 years: 35 dkk                                                            
Pet:                             FREE                                                              
Current:                      3,65 dkk and 10,00 dkk per day powercounter or 35 dkk per night. Environmental tax:     10 dkk 
Charge wifi code:       10 dkk (for unlimited use).
Member of:
BTN = Back to Nature,
CCofSweden = CamperClub of Sweden,
DACF = Dansk AutoCamper Forening,
 - 10%. This discount is not available between June 30 and August 6, 2019.
Price per person per night:
 Adults:                        67,50 dkk                                                             
 Child 0-2 years:          FREE                                                              
 Child under 15 years: 31,50 dkk                                                            
 Pet:                             FREE                                                              
 Current:                      3,65 dkk and 10,00 dkk per day powercounter or 35 dkk per                                              night. (No discount).
 Environmental tax:     10 dkk (No discount).
 Charge wifi code:       10 dkk (for unlimited use). (No discount).
SPECIAL OFFER! Valid throughout 2019 also in the high season!

Normal prices without discount are:

4   nights all-in:    820 dkk.       offer 2019:   760,00 dkk.

8   nights all-in:  1640 dkk.       offer 2019: 1510,00 dkk.


* Including electricity and environmental tax.
* Excluding children.
* The special offer is for:  2 adults with their own camper / tent.
* No further discount on this offer!
* Special Offer is to book by mail or by phone.
* You also can tell us if you want the discount, by arrival.
With the powercounter you pay the used power.